Why Do you need a domain name for your web site?

Why Do you need a domain name?

A computer actually uses a string of numbers to find your site on the internet.

You can probably remember the word “Amazon” when you want a book, or “eBay” when you decide to sell something. Both sites have been heavily marketed, so that they stick in your mind, as do the words “Coke” or “Pepsi.”

Could you as easily remember a string of unrelated numbers that is the actual URL or internet address?

We don’t go around addressing people by their social security numbers.

We don’t say: “Good morning 0296 374 8963.” We greet the folks we meet by saying “Good morning, Judy or Jack, Betty or Bob.”

Since many of us do find it difficult to remember the phone number of the clothing store, the pharmacy, the hardware, the car repair shop and the other places we sometimes phone, it was wisely decided to turn all internet addresses into words to better fit the way humans think. And those words are called domains or domain names.

Connect to the internet and type in a word and the search engine or your browser automatically changes those letters into numbers — the real address of the web site.

Are some domain names more valuable than others?

You bet. Let’s look at the world we are most familiar with before we shift to cyberspace. Most stores know they should be located in a shopping mall or on Main Street — hopefully with a parking lot nearby — to get maximum customer traffic.

On the internet, the best place to locate your business is on a street (or in a mall) called “com” All the other internet “streets” are harder to find. And almost every important business uses address.

What are some of the other factor involved? It is far easier to remember short, familiar names. And if you are a coat manufacturer and the customer’s typing skills are limited, which would be easier to type in – or

To sum up, short, clear, easy-to-type domains that end are almost always the best to buy. After you have accomplished that you are ready to design your web page.