Why should you invest in 4-letter domain names?

Present State of Domain Names

As the Internet expanded rapidly, all the popular dictionary words domains and good two-word domains were registered and it is almost impossible to find them now. If at all available in the secondary market, they are attracting astronomical prices. Most brandable domain names that are short, catchy, and easy to remember are also rare to find and are attracting very high prices. Similarly, 2-letter and 3-letter domain names are all gone, if at all available in the secondary market, they selling on an average for million dollars. So, it is not surprising that there is great demand for 4-letter and short brandable made-up words domain names. Even 4-letter short made-up words are part of 4-letter domains.

As most of the 4 letter domain names, which are actually worth it, have been registered, a lot of people, interested in these domain names, registered the remaining 4-letter domain names, nearly exhausting 4-letter domain names. Yes, you have read it correctly, “nearly exhausting”, as only 456,976 4-letter combinations is possible with 26 alphabets. Out of this number, only around 50,000 to 60,000 useful combinations can be made, the rest being with little value. Now, good 4-letter domain names are available only in the secondary market making them valuable.

So, right now 4-letter domain names are King.

Importance And Desirability of 4-Letter Domain Names

A long or complicated domain name makes it difficult for people to access your website, as such long names are hard to remember. Lengthy domain names are prone to typing errors leading customers not finding you on the web. This is further complicated if a domain name is difficult to spell. Some words are difficult to spell even though they are meaningful. This explains why businesses and organizations such as “Hersteld Apostolische Zending Kerk” to have a 4-letter domain “HAZK.Com” and or ” AnHui XinHua Computer Institute” to have a 4-letter domain “AHXH.COM”, “Vandivier and Associates Management Group” to have a 4-letter domain “VAMG”, and “Grandi Affari Grandi Investimenti” to have a 4-letter domain “GAGI”.

A 4-letter domain name helps establish a durable identity providing a powerful tool for marketing and brand building. Companies such as Digg, Hulu, eBay, uBid, xBox, iPod, and Bing are live examples of building great international brands by using easy to remember 4-letter domain names. Most companies desire 4-letter domain name to attract millions of people, who surf the web through mobile phones. As it is easy to type 4 letters rather than a long name on a mobile phone keyboard.

It is a fact that most companies or businesses are using short acronyms for their web identities. Even Facebook with such an easy to remember name has acquired for $8.5 million dollars. A domain name is your brand, which forms part of its email address. This is written on your letterheads, business cards, advertisements, on the company vehicles, cartons, and promotional flyers et al.

Future of 4-Letter Domain Name Investors

The future of 4-letter domain name investors is very bright and they can look forward to reap huge profits in the medium term as well as long run. Right now, 4-letter domain names investment is highly desirable, as it is a much better asset class than any other investment avenue.

Investors should take the precaution to invest in easy to remember, interesting patterned, and attractive letter combinations 4-letter domain names. Present value of good 4-letter domain names is around $10,000 as per latest sales data available. The future value of such good 4-letter domain names is expected to be around $100,000 ten years down the line. Based on this, one can access the value of other 4-letter domains. This gives a fair idea of how much one can invest in 4-letter domain names.


As all the popular one-word (dictionary word), two-word, 2-letter, 3-letter domains names have gone, making 4-letter domain names much sought after and very valuable commodity. It is not surprising that 4-letter domain names are desired by one and all. They are in demand because they are easy to remember, easily brandable, and less prone to spelling errors. As more and more people are accessing the internet on their mobile phones than from desktops, 4-letter domains names are becoming all the more rage, as it is easy to type 4 letters than a longer name. Bright future and huge profits are guaranteed to all investors in 4-letter domain names.

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